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with ukraine, guaranteeing that country's borders in return for which ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. for washington, for americans, really for people around the world, it would be a terrible mess dent to allow issues like these to be resolved not by negotiations or diplomacy, but by force. if russia can detach parts of neighboring countries with impunity, won't other great powers like china, decide that they, too, can act in similar ways. so what can be done? for starters, president obama should cancel entirely his attendance at the g-8 summit to be held in sochi in june. he should try to persuade the other major powers to follow suit. russia's membership in the g-8 should be suspended. the g-8 was created to recognize post-soviet russia was behaving like an honorable member of the international community, not a rogue state. if the behavior has changed, russia's status should also change. militarily there is less than can be done. russia's defense budget is about 18 times that of ukraine but nato should restart talks on providing assurances to countries like poland including perhaps
's population and ukraine's industrial center never recognized the country's new authorities that to call what they say fully in an homage to nbc is why we see thousands of people those officials and ordinary residence men women and thai families at least ten major cities all over the iranian protests against the country's new monsters and a gaze what they say could threaten the peaceful future. the cbi afraid of radical elements that played an important role in the coup in kiev and the year warning that the comp today region's drinking bottles with them and this is something of course they don't want. i didn't feel all that the repetition of the deadly events in the capital thousands took to the streets to protest in and demonstrating and calling on russia to help the height of the c t known as the capital of the eastern ukraine and not just the two ne area had strong russian protesters managed to find a leak and said the government using that was captured by so called chrome i got to my straight a's for almost a week and raise the russian flag and that was accompanied by clashes in shootings
. ukraine with the country after the protests. at wimbledon was estimated that name. it's a welcome to stop a decent start on. it then sets comes thick and shops to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week. six am attending two was the president until a few days ago took flight this development so welcomed by many people particularly in the west of the country in cities like of it. and in any edition of their games and movie ticket that instant you help us loads of protest is what regularly travel to kiev while the predominant feeling in the event is not one of hope. many also see links to daddy to sit back and relax. then by night since the revolution the city has been without a police courts. hundreds of people have volunteered to patrol the streets from their cars. b is one of them i have been doing it for six days i started off in kiev but then i returned to my hometown because i wanted to do something for the beach there's six hundred drivers out every night and won't be long before there are thousand of us. slogans such a
close to russia within the country. is there a lot of credibility and sympathy within ukraine to that? >> yes, the old guard always takes advantage of any slip-ups that the new guard makes, whether in ukraine or other countries that have gone through revolutions. what happened here is that the new government repealed a law allowing russian language to be the second official language. if ipp feweriated many -- infuriate many that look towards them for political guidance and help. people in kiev and the western part of the ukraine are looking to the west. there's is sense that they may have stepped too far. they have made the step. it's too late to step back from that. they are focussed on crimea, but they do not think that russia will back down. russian interests are high politically and economically. but geographically. this is the portal to the mediterranean. there's no sense that russia will give the territory up. can the government step up to the challenge. it's 48 hours old. the government needs to assemble it is a day after firing the chief. not easy on a good day, let alone 48 h
tonight in the ukraine. the country's acting president has put the military on high alert after russia approved military intervention. masked gunmen have swarmed taken control in some places. h the russian government says it's trying to protect its interest. the united nations has been asked to intervene. >> the secretary-general continues to folklore so follow this seriously and rapidly unfolding events in ukraine and is gravely concerned about the deterioration of the situation. >> president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin about the situation. the white house condemns russia's military action and demand pulls back its troops. >> the bay area ukrainian community is keeping a close eye on the crisis in the homeland. when asked about the russian military getting involved they had clear opinions. >> all around the bay ukrainians, russians and others who came to the u.s. after the breakup of the soviet union pray as they watch events unfold. the troops sees two main airports, parliament and main government office buildings. >> families with children and grandchildren, i
to ukraine. security council held an emergency meeting. we heard from ambassadors from the two bank countries. -- the two countries. this is about half an hour. >> distinguished members of the security council. deputy secretary general. the media. thanks for having this meeting on such a short notice. thank you for your commands and presenting the statement of the secretary general. state am going to -- the situation continues to deteriorate. russians have you legally entered the territory of -- you legally -- russians have illegally entered the territory of ukraine. the counsel has authorized military force against ukraine. there and already their number is increasing every hour. this constitutes an active aggression against ukraine. andhreatens the sovereignty territorial integrity of our country. the russian federation does not test --- the buddhist budapest memorandum -- it is dangerous to the principal. proposal onted the august 7. the federation violated the principles of charter of the united nations. time, in this fluid situation, -- the government of ukraine has quested to hold this
the declaration of war to my country. >> that is ukraine's new prime minister responding to increased russian military forces in crimea. i'm candy crowley and this is a special edition of "state of the union." >>> good morning from washington. the prime minister of ukraine says his country is "on the brink of disaster." russian troops are in crimea and in response, ukrainian government has called up its military reservists, even as it admits the country can't match russia's firepower. ukraine's defense minister says russian soldiers converged on three military bases in crimea demanding ukrainian troops surrender and give up their weapons. the ukrainian soldiers did not and there has been no fighting between them. >>> president obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke over the phone for 90 minutes saturday. the u.s. says russia is breaking international law. russia says it's protecting its military personnel and citizens in crimea. in response to all of this, the united states, great britain and france are suspending their participation in preparation talks for the g-8 summit being hel
. >>> ukraine is aa accusing russia of a military innovation. ukraine leaders are asking the un, britain, france, and china for help. allison harmalin -- putin said he's determined to protect people in that country and russia's interest in ukraine. >> reporter: then proudly flew the russian flag. many ukrainians align themselves more with nearby russia than their own country. they don't support the new ukrainian president. putin got the green light to proceed with military intervention. in response, the ukraine's acting prime minister put his forces on alert. members of the un security council gathered for an emergency meeting. ukraine'sa un ambassador asked the security council to take action. >> this action constitutes an act of aggression against the state of ukraine. >> reporter: america's ambassador -- >> intervention by the russian military will be a grave mistake and will have costs and uencconseq. >> reporter: president obama spoke with putin for over 90 minutes. >>> ukrainians living here in the washington area speaking out and asking obama to intervene. peaceful protests were held toni
action than dealing with ukraine. take a listen. >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> well, but -- >> there are ways to deal with this and president putin knows that. president obama yesterday offered mediation. there are plenty of ways to protect russian-speaking people in crimea or other parts of ukraine. but, you know, they're really sort of a hidden pretext here of possibly trying to annex crimea. >> do you agree with that assessment, ambassador? what's the real motivation to annex crimea? >> the russians are not -- i shouldn't say the russians. the kremlin is not happy with the democratically minded government in kiev and because they're unhappy and put so much stock in mr. yanukovich and he fell and corrupt and authoritarian and had to show ukraine there's a price to be paid for not paying attention to the kremlin's wishes and that price to create a crisis in crimea, perhaps to seize crimea, perhaps to intervene elsewhere in ukraine. it's very dangerous game. >> the mission here, sounds like you're saying that the mis
to ukrainians in the south and east of the country the russian speaking regions saying that the ukraine protect all its citizens regardless of the night which they speak or what to think it's a gutsy and that there's no need to see reviewed this new government said in the kitties any kind of threat to russian speakers there was a sensible than it is like in a different areas all of the country because of very much varies from one region to the next. just how people are feeling right now of course the areas that people are watching it the most of these russian speaking regions in the east and south of the country up until today. they seem to be confined to crimea which is in exceptional cases an autonomous republic with the dogs proportion of its population who are at city rush and now even in the east and south of ukraine another them anyway consider themselves to the ukrainians who speak russian and that simple in distinction to make that's seems that suggested that they were not to rising up to infuriate gets to the ousting of president victim because of its some of them said may have been as
. >> uncertain times indeed. thank you. >> as tensions in ukraine grow, several countries, including the united states pulled out of early talks. rory challands is in moscow with that part of the story. >> if moscow is feeling pressure, they are not giving an impression of it. it's been incredibly quiet, considering the turmoil that other capitals around the world have been in. in moscow there's virtually nothing from the kremlin or the foreign ministry, until the last few minutes when kremlin put out a statement saying that vladimir putin spoke to angela merkel on the phone and he expressed concern about the threat of ultra nationalists in ukraine. you get the impression, really, that moscow is biding its time, waiting for the dust to settle, letting the facts on the ground in crimea speak for itself, and left the western powers work out what their response will be. that has started to crystalise with the news that four countries are putting off participation in the perhaps artery meetings for the g8 -- prappar atry meetings for the g8 summit in june. there's protests that we are watching - fo
by the hour. the country is acting president has ordered ukraine forces at full readiness. extra security is ordered a nuclear power plants and airports. the united states is condemning russia for entering ukrainian territory and is calling on russia to withdraw. the united nations held an emergency meeting today. >> pro-western demonstrators storm and administration building in the southern ukraine. in the russian speaking east protesters clash with the newly elected ukrainian government. after russia's president got the greenlight from parliament saturday to proceed with military intervention. russian troops are already in control of parts of the crimea peninsula. they say they're protecting their interests in the reason. in response the ukraine's acting prime prime minister put the armed forces on full combat alert. members of the un security council gathered here for emergency meeting to address the rapidly deteriorating situation. ukraine's un ambassador asked the security council to take action. >> this action by the russian federation constitute an act of aggression against the sta
supplies to ukraine and other countries. what is next in the playbook, possibly. >> you know, messing with gas supply is something he has done before. this is something that everyone would expect him to do under these circumstances, the use of economic leverage. i wouldn't be surprised to see him doing that. in some ways he leapfrogged the mackia very wellian strategy of using economic levers and gone straight to military action. once you have invaded a country, you are beyond stipulating supplies and economic measures to get your way. i would have thought vladimir putin, being a cool, calm character, would play a cautious wait and see attitude, and use the economic levers at its disposals to get its way. he's doing something that is unusual for him right now, which is acting in a way that we can characterise as impulsive and completely out of sync with international norms. it's unusual behaviour. >> i want to touch on that point. people feel like putin is calculating and shrewed that knows what he's doing. >> yes, indeed. >> are you saying otherwise? >> no, i say he normally is, if y
by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the sovereignty of ukraine. russia is in violation of its international obligations. >> so he took it a step further from what the administration was saying yesterday that there could be repercussions or costs. today kerry did more to spell those out saying absolutely sanctions are on the table, that in the near future we could see things like asset freezes or visa bans imposed against russia. he even hinted at the possibility nations would work together to remove russia from the g-8. we know already certain countries, including the u.s., canada, uk, have pulled out of preliminary talks leading up to the g-8 summit in june in russia. he said what russia is doing, these are not the action of a g-8 nation. if it keeps up, other countries will not participate in those talks. he said basically russia has other options. why it's doing this us unknown when it has u.n. monitors it could allow in to keep track in ukraine. that is the excuse russia has given publicly. it brought in troops to look after its own interest in that
up in the next half hour. ukraine with the country after the protests. anyhow we're going to sit and many are demanding. it's a welcome to stop a decent start on. it then sets comes thick and shops to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week six
to al jazeera america. i'm not jonathan betz in new york. a crisis in ukraine, continued coverage. a country on the bridge of war with russia. >> al jazeera america's reporters are across the globe. we'll go to moscow, kiev, united nation, new york city and washington d.c. the world is watching. so are we. al jazeera america starts right
country. >> ukraine's prime menster said ukraine and russia are on the brink of disaster and diplomatic sanctions are being imposed. >> the territory of ukraine and sang at this time have been violated and it cannot be the way to conduct international affairs. >> in london, more on the crisis over crimea. we'll look at how ukraine's military compares to the might of russia's armed forces. >> a knife-wielding rampage at a chinese train station. accept are a activities of blamed for leaving 33 dead. >> the prison in nepal built as a stable now houses scores of criminals. >> hello, there's no fighting at the moment, but if you believe ministers in kiev, it could be very close. ukraine says russia has declared war and the countries are on the brink of disaster all because of whoo kiev does business with and unrest in crimea. western countries are pulling out of talks ahead of the g.a. summit in the russian city of sochi in june. >> we have to recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine has been violated, and this cannot be the way to conduct international affairs, and so
." the prime minister of ukraine says his country is "on the brink of disaster." this as russian troops are in crimea and in response, and the united states condemns what it is calling an act of aggression. earlier on "state of the union," ukraine's ambassador to the u.n. said his country will need military help from other nations. >> we are to demonstrate that we have our own capacity to protect ourselves as it was decided today in the parliament and we are preparing to defend ourselves. and nationally if aggravation is going in that way, when the russian troops, they are enlarging their quantity with every coming hour, naturally we will ask for military support and other kind of support. >> russia says it reserves the right to use force to protect its military personnel and russians citizens in crimea. in response to the crisis, the united states, great britain, and france are suspending their participation in prep talks for the g-8 sum russia will host in june. to our guests in just a moment, but first cnn's ian lee in the ukrainian capital kiev. ian, we are hearing about a new incur
, a heavily russian region of ukraine. ukraine's military is now getting ready. the country's defense minister says they do not stand a chance against russian troops. moments ago on cnn, ukraine's opposition leader, vitali klitschko issued this stern warning to russia. >> the main point right now the russians have to take away the rush yap forces from crimea. it's the main point. crimea is ukraine territory. we talk independence of ukraine. it's all military forces have to remove from ukrainen territory. >> and now these very strong words as well from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. he's calling it an invasion, quote, it is an incredible act of aggression, really a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the sovereignty of ukraine, russia is in violation of its international obligations, russia is in violation, kerry says, of its obligations under the u.n. charity, helsinki act, in violation as well of its obligations under the budapest agreement. he goes on to say, secretary kerry, you don't behave in a 19th century fashion by, again
place. you hear it all the time. he refers to ukraine and other countries as the nearer a broad. he would like to restore as much soviet influence. he really does reject the west as meddling in the affairs of russia and wants to project strengtd. he's casting this as a protection of russians in the eastern part of ukraine. it's very much a split country east and west. there are ukrainians who identify with russia in the eastern part of the country. let's be honest. russia invading a neighborhooding country, bloody crack down. it gets the west worried. we saw this in 2008 in georgia. the west didn't do a lot. there isn't a lot of leverage against russia except economic. perhaps we'll see the administration lead the way. >> we'll get more insight on what the administration plans to do. today you're talking to secretary of state john kerry on the show. >> an important moment. secretary of state john kerry seemed to be assured earlier in the week russia would not take action like this. now putin has. what are they going to do about it? rubio perhaps running for president in 2016. he's b
, this is saturday news extra, on your side. >> monitoring the growing crisis in ukraine, president obama is calling on vladimir putin to withdraw from the eastern european country. the armed forces are on full ready alert, because of the threat. >> violence filled the streets as pro-russian demonstrators battled the ukrainian government. russian flags were raised. putukraine acting president the country's armed forces on alert grad. the gave russians president green light to use force. will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> the president phoned him to express his deep concern over russian violation over ukraine sovereignty. he cautioned his russian counterpart to diffuse tension by withdrawing troops. that message wa reiterated at the united nations. it was a televised session over the objections of russia. could push a tense situation beyond the breaking point. the u.s. could stop taking part in preparations for the g-8 summit in sochi. home, there at university of maryland is offering five years of free credit monitoring service because of the data breach. that has been extend
in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over gay rights.
himself. and there is an old expression that russia without the ukraine is a country and russia with the ukraine is an empire. i do believe putin understands that. but the most important part for him is military and strategic and economic impact is the crimean peninsula. so i think that's why you see such an aggressive forceful attempt now to at least build the case for the crimea to allow them to go into the russian federation. >> go into the federation? >> we had an interesting thing happen. the upper chamber in moscow laid out a bill that would allow them to take any part of -- their portion of any port of tart of 00 cra ukraine into russia. i think clearly they want the crimea.ou ukraine into russia. i think clearly they want the crimea.u ukraine into russia. i think clearly they want the crimea. ukraine into russia. i think clearly they want the crimea.ukraine into russia. i think clearly they want the crimea. >> so annexation? >> so i think they phrased it they would take them. so not a direct annexation. it would be the crimea saying they want to come into russia and they
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's parliament approved the request to use military force in ukraine, a country on the brink of civil war after weeks of unrest between pro russian easterners and the protestors calling for freedom. this is after president obama made this statement to reporters. >> just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> critics say the warning was weak. fox news learned from a senior u.s. official that the pentagon has not prepared any military con tingsys for ukraine. as putin flexes russia's military muscle, the president obama administration this week is making proposals that would shrink our military. when chuck hagel was nominated to be secretary of defense, i strongly objected based on his record as a senator and some of his comments about our allies in the middle east that absolutely scared the living day lights out of me. my fears, they were not unfounded. as this week h
the coast guard vessels from two bases. ukraine's frprime minister said his country is on the brink of disaster, warning this could be the beginning of war. protests broke out in four cities where russian speaking ukrainians asked moscow to defend them. putin's parliament authorized him to use force in a unanimous vote. ukraine called up all men under the age of 40 to prepare to fight. warnings by u.s. officials did not deter russia from occupying crimea. >> i'm closely watching russia's nian border. >> intervention in our judgment would be a very grave mistake. >> the supreme allied commander told reporters thursday nato had no military contingency prepared for ukraine. the pentagon says the same and emergency meeting of the north atlantic council is scheduled for today. chris? >> jennifer, thank you. >>> for more on what happens now, we want to bring in the chair of the house intelligence committee mike rogers. chairman rogers, welcome back to "fox news sunday." what is the latest intelligence? what is happening on the ground in crimea and from your sources how far does putin inte
of protesters take to the streets in kiev. you can hear the cheers as ukraine's prime minister mobilizes the country's military, urging president putin to pull back his troops. there is no sign of that. good morning, everyone. great to have you here in america's news headquarters. >> ukraine calls russia's invasion a declaration of war. this is the u.s. all urging russia to end the blockade and pull out. there seems to be very little at this point. any leader can change the mind of vladimir putin and end the growing crisis that echoes the soviet invasion of the cold war. live via skype on the peninsula, jessica, what is the latest for you on the ukrainian base that has been taken over? >> reporter: we are hearing that is correct. one of the ukraine's infantry bases was surrounded by hundreds of russian troop this is morning. they captured the base and the ukrainian soldiers were not allowed to enter or leave. we are understanding that hundreds of other russian troops are now in the capital here. other news coming in that the ukrainian coast guard moved the ships from the ports here to th
country should respect the territorial integri here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and wethink it's important that russia keeps its word. >> kerry's counterpart in russia fired right back. he warned the west against forcing any decions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukraine a choice based on the principal you're either with us or against us. raine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea, the scene of fierce clashes today between pro and an-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying russian and ukrainian flags. two people were killed in those demonstratns. and riots. more than 30 hospitalized. our first guest tonit says vladimir putin close to achieving exactly what he wanted, drawing ukraine back into the russia sphere and it's no lkely he's goi t all is pze to itho a ght. joing reredari cor litena lone bll cower. as we're watching this unfold, we have the secretary of state, kerry, making what i think is unexpectedly sever
stairs. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> ukraine's prime menster said ukraine and russia are on the brink of disaster and diplomatic sanctions are being imposed. >> the territory of ukraine and sang at this time have been violated and it cannot be the way to
of ukraine. a country over 40 million people. mitch joins us from tennessee. good morning. caller: hello? host: you are on their. -- the air. caller: putin is afraid of what is happening in crimea and what will happen in his country. there is going to be a civil war there. he does not want this to happen in his country, because then he will be live on tv, killing protesters. it will be a big mess. that is already what is happening in crimea. he is just afraid that if they do not stop it over there, it will happen in his country. it will happen sooner or later. he is surrounded by democracy. host: thank you for the call. jose has this point. you can join in on the conversation on facebook. he says we are one step closer to a shooting war with the russians. more from yesterday's action at the united nations. the ukrainian ambassador to the united nations -- here is his assessment of what is happening on the ground in his country. today we heard from the acting russian premier saying that the russian troops is an act of war. [video clip] action constitutes an act of aggression against ukrai
that is making headlines acrosshe world, the crisis in ukraine. visit ukraine on tuesday for meetings with the country cost government. 's government. we are at the russian embassy in northwest d.c.. that is where protesters gathered this afternoon. but that is right. these are testers are concerned that russia may try to do a takeover of the entire country. they say that they are realistic. they do not expect that america will go to war over this. they hope the u.s. will do something. voices, science, and flags held high, -- science -- signs, and fisa high, they gathered in protest. itself.ry repeats but they are adrienne concerned about what the obama consideration -- they are angry and concerned about what the obama administration considers an invasion. for three days, russian tanks and troops have been crossing into you rate. costsre will be cross -- involved of an invasion of ukraine. a 90 minute phone conversation with barack obama and vladimir putin has changed nothing. army is heavily armed. they have surrounded a crimean garrison. the military operation stops, there will be t
if the case and i'm cells and ukraine it's a false part of the countries that includes the ten regions attend to more than hop of the country's population and one weakness thousand strong demonstration sold with a strange and people take to the streets of but it's no wonder ear essence and officials. many women entire family's tv show the effect they don't want to stand in the portsea jokes of a stoker here in the crimea just one hundred km away from where we and now local residents rejected his appointed mayor and lee terry be how the police also resigned from the capital in the seat of hiking known as the capital of the eastern ukraine them not to seek legal fees that area for taxes managed to find it and to the painting that was usc's to have for almost a week at times raised and russian flight and it was accompanied by clashes in short season several people reportedly were aged in another seat in the astral the center of the eastern part of ukraine. don't ask local sources claimed they will not abate see it and the bad taste that of for a referendum over the region stages to be held in th
authorities are formed in ukraine now, all that love their country have to show their patriotism and unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign of things to come. men in cash name came and damaged ukrainian communications equipment. the men you have taken over the airports this week they are crimean riot police, intelligence forces, security personnel and some officers of russia's black sea fleita cord to go crimea deputy mime minister but there are tatars here wintering what russian boots on the ground here will mean for their future and what is still at least for now ukraine. >> that's jennifer glasse reporting from ukraine. now to moscow where all eyes are on the kremlin as phil ittner explains there is great concern over the power parliament has now handed to russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: a day after the west and in particular the white house warned russia not to intervene in ukraine, this was moscow's neck move. >> translator: russian federation council votes to first approve president vladimir putin's proposal to use the russian troops on the
. >> this is not the threat. this is actually the declaration of war to my country. and we urge president vladimir putin to pull back his military and to stick to the international obligations and bilateral and mild to lateral agreements that were signed between ukraine and russia. >> the army has opened recruiting stations across the country. there are nine in the capital alone. at this office or the outskirts men were waiting outside before the doors opened. >> people have been responding enthusiastically to the call to mobilise. here there are young men, older men, people with military experience, people without military experience, but you still want to take part. we have visited a total of three stations in and around kiev and in the first few hours several hundred people enlisted. >> somehow we have to win. i can tell you that we will win, but i am sure we have to win. >> i know that russia is powerful. on the other side we have friends in europe and the united states declaring support. we will fight until the end. the head of the navy was seen swearing allegiance to the head of crimea. an embarra
for the country if he signed that agreement. and then in 2015 there will be presidential elections in ukraine. if people don't like the opposition to mr. yanukovych, let them elect another one. that happened before. yanukovych lost elections and other presidents came into ukraine. why continue to whip up the situation? have some -- why some of our western colleagues are trying to spur on a situation of confrontation. why these militants need to throw things at the police, molotov cocktails? why go after the police? one of the scoldings or one of the terrorists -- one of the criticism have been made against people. there is no criticisms of people fending for democracy. why do they -- why do they exist if they are going to react to this type of manifestation? why should they exist? as a result of the development of the crisis in this way, an agreement was signed, the 21st of february, and president yanukovych and the opposition signed it. in it there were signatures of three foreign affairs ministers. ministers of germany, france and poland. it was an important agreement reached. at a later st
that believes russia, belarus and ukraine are really all one country and they have been artificially split in the post soviet era. i don't want to get crazy here. >> they can't get over it. they can't get over the breakup is what you're saying. >> it's not the breakup. they don't feel this way about kazakhst kazakhstan, they feel this way by belarus, united by language, religion, culture. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your time. we'll check back with you a little later on. thanks so much. >>> president obama has been working the phones. he's been talking to vladimir putin, now calling u.s. allies looking for support. we're live from moscow and ukraine coming up next. we're getting ready. your hepatitis c.forget it's slow moving, you tell yourself. i have time. after all there may be no symptoms for years. no wonder you try to push it to the back of your mind and forget it. but here's something you shouldn't forget. hepatitis c is a serious disease. if left untreated, it could lead to liver damage and potentially even liver cancer. if you are one of the millions of people with hepatit
. >> reporter: here's why. ukraine is divided. kiev and the rest of the country yearn to join europe and the u.s. and forge a different future. while in crimea and the east where so many ethnic russians live, they look to moscow. and they have used crimea as a major russian naval base for 200 years. on friday, obama tried to send his own message to putin. >> there'll be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: hours later, russian troops were on the move and putin was there. >> it's clear that maybe the president of the united states has been a bit naive about him and his ambitions. >> reporter: george w. bush did no better managing putin, even though he declared he looked into his soul. but he cares about being feared and restoring russian greatness. the next move, solidify control over crimea, and make sure tha ukraine never ves too close to the west. or else. george. >> thanks, terry. we are joined by secretary of state, john kerry this morning. mr. secretary, thanks for joining us this morning. we have reports. russian forces surrounding ukraine military bases. they say the
to stop the aggression against his country saying that the number of russian troops already inside ukraine is increasing every hour. un sec gen bonding would have spoken with the butter content and here's what he had to say about the conversation. see the movements and i'm gravely concerned by some of the recent events. i've taken up. four setback with you when you didn't compromise uniquely sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. the disc was shut to restore calm. add prosciutto and the media the escalation of the situation. ford has less to prevail and battle was pg forty tour ending this crisis i appear to present twenty two what does he get into next title with your story is you can. the moscow russian sentiments all runs high in several parts of ukraine several cities in southern and eastern parts of the countryside demonstrations on saturday in favor of moscow. protesters raised the russian flags above government buildings in a number of cds including the donetsk and odessa. oh and i keep dozens of people were wounded after clashes with supporters of the new authorities
ukraine's existence as a united country and one that puts russia and the west on a collision ur. russia tightening its grip here. hundreds of russian troops on the move in crimea heading for a ukrainian military base. there's been no confrontation, not yet anyway. they haven't fired a shot. they don't need to. russian troops, rocket propelled grenades at the ready have taken over crimea without resistance and with the full backing of most of this region's people. these men have hardly said a word since they arrived, but the message they're sending is very clear, and it's gone out across the world. local militias have formed. these men ensuring no one pulls down the statue of len anyone as they've done across western ukraine. these protesters tried, there were running battles and dozens injured in ukraine's second city. pro western demonstrators trying to attack a lenin statue and a government building. the jort here in the east are pro russian. they have the upper hand. that's the problem for ukraine's new leaders. they're powerless to stop the loss of crimea. they called up military re
the fun of the venice carv cash that carnival. ♪ ♪ >>> it's a declaration of war and both countries are are the brink of disaster, that's the view from ukraine on the increase in pro russian forces that are appearing in its crimea region. nato, the u.s., and e.u. are calling for moscow to back down, some countries are pulling out of talks ahead of the g8 summit in russia in june. our reporters are standing by on the story, tim friend is liver for us in the ukrainian capital of kiev. rory challands will have the moscow and robin forester-walker is in the capital of crimea. where pro russian forces are continuing their build up. but first let's get this report from lawrence lee on the day's events in crimea. >> reporter: this appears to be perhaps the one place ukraine's forces in crimea are putting up in i resistence, behind these walls is a ukrainian special forces base. the ukrainian flag is still up and they have apparently refuse today give in to those surrounding them. yet as the russian or pro russian forces appear relaxed. it's all as if to say they are only here to stop anyon
. the crisis in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with
troops will move into the rest of the country? >> is ukraine worried about losing its independence altogether? >> well, that is a serious threat, or ukraine losing part of the its territory. it was made clear by the russian authorities yesterday that not only crimea may be occupied, but eastern parts of ukraine, mostly inhabited by russian speakers. they may be taken over. it was said if there's going to be any kind of violence happening there, if the ukrainian authorities use force against pro-russian demonstrators, russia may move in as it has already moved in to crimea. yes, we are in the situation where we can go into a broader confrontation. >> jennifer glasse is there now, 30 minutes outside. the ukrainian military base has been taken over. the russians demand that they take over. in situations like this, and what is happening now in crimea, how long can the stand off continue. >> both sides are trying to avoid making shots and anger. it was a side that begins to use violence and ammunition. it will lose in the opinion obviously. so though russian troops have been deployed in
. ♪ >>> ukraine has ordered full military mobilization in response to russian moved on the crimean peninsula. the acting president says the country is on the brink of disaster. they are calling up every single military preservist and russian troops have surrounded a military base in crimea. the minister calling it a declaration of war. second john kerry says the g8 countries including the u.s. are all prepared to diplomatically isolate rush a nato is meet to go discuss a response. jennifer, i remember you in a pretty tense stands off earlier this morning when we spoke. is there any progress being made so far to reduce those tensions? >> reporter: morgan that standoff continues at that military base. about 20 mints fro 20 minutes f. it's a base that's an armory, it has a lot of weapons and ammunition and lots of armored vehicles early this morning the russians went in and talked to the ukrainian commander to their layer arms down and turn everything over and let the russians secure the base he declined and hundreds of forces came in and surrounded the base, it was tense. the two commander met
in ukraine prompts ukraine's acting president to put the country's armed forces on full readiness. >>> in colorado one person was killed and 20 others killed in massive pileup on interstate 25. more than 100 vehicles were involved. more news later. now back to our program. >>> after having a baby in northern california, transgender couple scott and tom moore are now about to try for another one in las cruces, new mexico. they even found a local midwife, cammi shaw, who specializes in female-to-male transsexuals. tom can't produce sperm so they need to find a sperm donor. scott still has a vagina and working reproductive system. so the rest is pretty straightforward. >> hi, honey, how are you? >> cammi's devised an unique trick. increasing the chance of conception through artificial insemination. >> what we do is put the sperm inside. it goes right in here, this goes inside and then it sits -- it's like a suction cup and it sits up against the uterus so the cervix would be centrally located. so this would be suctioned up against the uterus. our agenda here is to keep the sperm as c
again warning vladimir putin to stand down. we are live on the ground in ukraine. >>> y it isn't snow. yet another powerful storm now making its mark on millions across the country with big traffic accidents and carrying with it heavy snow and dangerous ice threatening mass power outages. dylan is tracking it all. >>> and all eyes on oscar. we are live on the red carpet where final preparations are underway for hollywood's biggest night. from the favorites to take home gold to the all-important fashions. we've got it all for you today sunday, march 2nd, 2014. >>> and welcome to this special split edition of "today" on a sunday morning. i'm erica hill in hollywood. lester holt and dylan dreyer back home in study owe 1-a. good morning, first after all. we know we have a lot of serious news to get to and we will be carrying all of that for you today. we'll have a little fun here as we look ahead to the oscars as well. >> i feel a little underdressed right now. you got into town late yesterday. what's the mood in l.a. on the eve of the oscars? >> first of all, there are a lot of people. l
elsewhere in ukraine. >> tim, for the most many thanks, testimony friend live in kiev. >>> china's news agency says separatist carried out a coordinated knife attack at a train station in the southwest of the country. it is a mainly muslim area in china's far west home to the ethnic group that wants independence from beijing, 33 people killed, more than within hundred injured when up to 10 mena taxed commuters at random. al jazerra's rob mcbride has more. >> reporter: as police continue looking for anyone else connected with at tack, people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesses the dang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing in panic. >> translator: when i came here i felt that something was wrong i followed everyone and ran to that side. the attackers were stabbing whomever they saw. >> reporter: thousands of internet users have been expressing their outrage on social media and up loading images of security around the station in the aftermath of the attack. the authorities have promised
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